Chakra Balancing




According to eastern philosophy, the Chakras are the subtle life force centers that vitalize and control the physical body.  In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, Chakra means “what revolves” or “wheel”, indicating that these force centers are wheels of energy. 

Chakra balancing is the process of clearing energy blocks from these centers.  By utilizing various methods, the obstructed energy in the Chakras can be balanced and harmonized.

The Chakras are relay stations for the vital life force energy, and serve as channels of communication between an individual’s inner nature or subtle body and the physical body.  There are seven Chakras and each has a variety of functions.  Each Chakra relates to a specific color, a particular gland, organ, or area of the body, and a mental, emotional, or spiritual feeling. 

Energy blocks are usually formed by a variety of different stimuli that originate from either within the body or from external sources.  Physical and emotional trauma can also cause energy blocks.  These obstructions slow down vital life force energy or prevent it from flowing freely within the body. 

An imbalance or block in a Chakra causes physical dysfunction in the organ, gland, or part of the body that it relates to.  It can cause emotional or mental problems relating to that Chakra.  For example, a blockage in the fifth chakra, the throat center, can cause a physical problem with the body’s metabolism due to a dysfunctional thyroid, and a mental/emotional problem with the voice, speech or the ability to communicate.



Because the chakra clearing occurs on an energetic level, the self-healing may continue well after the session.  It is therefore important that you take great care of yourself after your healing session.  Drink plenty of water and rest as much as you can.  It may take anywhere from 3-4 days for the releasing to manifest on a physical level.  At that time you may experience an emotional or physical reaction as you complete the process of the chakra clearing.  The detoxification period usually takes a week or so to subside.  It is recommended that during this 3-4 day period you drink a lot of water to help flush the released toxins from the body (a hot bath with Epsom salts is recommended) and eat whole nutritious foods. 




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